Renewable Energy

The Very first question I asked, why we would need an option of renewable energy. We are doing fine with regular energy. But then when I start looking at Climate changes, Dependency on fossil fuel. I wonder what will happen when humanity will run out of this regular options.

Fossil fuel which Includes Coal, Oil, Gas is going to run out by 2090. First Oil will be gone, then Gas. Coal will be the last option.

If you look, Only 73 Years is remaining, when all this is going to happen. So we need Different kind of option, which can provide us with clean energy and it should be cheap too.

So now I have cleared it, I am going to focus on India, why India need clean Energy.

As we know, fossil fuel is the main supplier for day to day work.But this fuel is also the biggest factor for global warming, So in order to reduce the dependency and for a good environment we need an alternative source of energy.

According to a research in 2005, Consumption of Coal was 55%. There was no share of Renewable energy.

But in 2015, Renewable energy got is share, around 2.21%, and that will keep increasingrefinalfinalgraph

in upcoming years.

Another factor is Price. Renewable energy is going to cheaper than regular energy. The cost of Electricity from nuclear energy would be around Rs6/unit, whereas renewable Energy would cost the only Rs4.5/unit.

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