The Lazy Seeker( Just some thoughts)


There I said it, I am lazy, I think it is within my mind, not in my body. But soon I am going to change that. I was working on something and it is already giving me results. This Something is related to Universe and it is already answering me, changing me.

I hope I will be able to continue that, get a better test of life. Blossom it. Another something happened, I bought a little carpet for doing my meditation and I hope now, after 2-3 years, I must continue my practice of meditation, no matter what happen outside, inside it must be done by me. Now I am working for Birla sun life, I also have to sell a policy, to be honest with me and with the universe.

I don’t know how that is going to be possible. So I am asking the help from entire universe to help me to sell this damn policy. I and this universe know the power had given to me for selling this policy. But using that power will be morally wrong, I really don’t know the reason, But the feeling is not good. Sometimes I wish I would not be that much conscious of right or that.

when I even further analyze myself with this question, I also found out that, it’s not about morality, it’s also about that when I use the power(List) brother had given me. I don’t know what I will tell them. From where I got their number and all that. One lie leads to another lie, at all cost I really I want to avoid that.

So it’s a big one question. And the seeking thing is also going well. I am the lazy one. I think that I want to expand my existence but somehow it is not happening, So I am doing it by another way. By reading book watching countless movies. And I don’t know what else I am going to do.




You know, sometimes I think whether I am an Indian first or a man with religion, should I discriminate people based on their skin and color. These days I am so filled with news around the world about violence.

I thought it would be a better world without all these things, I know I am being narrowed, Forgive me for this. But if you would care to follow the news, maybe you would understand all this.

When The life was being created on this earth. When we were evolving, I am sure there would be no such thing as like these.

But then I came to understand that with differences life can not be colorful, beautiful. But it also doesn’t mean that we should feel ashamed of our creed or religion. This difference makes life so interesting otherwise it would be boring like a freaking movie.

I am not saying anything on gender because those are personal choices, I have no right.

I am saying all these because the other day I was watching sense8( I am not promoting it). In this tv shows. It clearly shows us how every human being face the identity crisis, no matter who you are?

Your little place In this big world.

So be happy, do what you like and one day you will feel like, let’s say.. hoorah…………


Story Of fire

There are Discoveries who changed human history. ‘fire’ is one of them. So how did we got it ?

Here I am presenting two sides of this story that I am going to tell you. There are numerous but right now, Two version will Do the work.

From The greek mythology

So the Light of God and Thunder ‘Zeus’ is not very happy with humans. He doesn’t care if the mortals live or die.So he decided that human will not have very important tool for surviving.

Why Zeus was angry, we can leave behind that, the story for another time.

Prometheus was very wise, he would always think about what is going to happen in next hundred years.

So Prometheus(A titan, A divine being Related to Zeus ) couldn’t see human in the harsh condition. He decided to help them.

He went to Zeus And told about his wish, but Zeus got angry and said human don’t deserve it. Upon hearing this Prometheus made up his mind to help human at any price.

So he sneaked into Mount Olympus and stole fire and give it to the human.

Eureka. We got fire.

Prometheus paid a price for this action, Zeus Got angry, had Prometheus chained for around one thousand years. Hercules freed him.

So this is the story from greek mythology.


From Hindu Mythology.

The story goes like this when the universe was created, There was no night and day. To make a difference, Agni(Fire) was born from Brahma Forehead. Another version says he is the son of ‘Kashyap and Aditi’(Ancient Sages).

It is often said that Agni connects the physical world to heaven world.

So this is the story of Fire from Hindu Mythology.




Renewable Energy

The Very first question I asked, why we would need an option of renewable energy. We are doing fine with regular energy. But then when I start looking at Climate changes, Dependency on fossil fuel. I wonder what will happen when humanity will run out of this regular options.

Fossil fuel which Includes Coal, Oil, Gas is going to run out by 2090. First Oil will be gone, then Gas. Coal will be the last option.

If you look, Only 73 Years is remaining, when all this is going to happen. So we need Different kind of option, which can provide us with clean energy and it should be cheap too.

So now I have cleared it, I am going to focus on India, why India need clean Energy.

As we know, fossil fuel is the main supplier for day to day work.But this fuel is also the biggest factor for global warming, So in order to reduce the dependency and for a good environment we need an alternative source of energy.

According to a research in 2005, Consumption of Coal was 55%. There was no share of Renewable energy.

But in 2015, Renewable energy got is share, around 2.21%, and that will keep increasingrefinalfinalgraph

in upcoming years.

Another factor is Price. Renewable energy is going to cheaper than regular energy. The cost of Electricity from nuclear energy would be around Rs6/unit, whereas renewable Energy would cost the only Rs4.5/unit.

Links for more information.

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy