Story Of fire

There are Discoveries who changed human history. ‘fire’ is one of them. So how did we got it ?

Here I am presenting two sides of this story that I am going to tell you. There are numerous but right now, Two version will Do the work.

From The greek mythology

So the Light of God and Thunder ‘Zeus’ is not very happy with humans. He doesn’t care if the mortals live or die.So he decided that human will not have very important tool for surviving.

Why Zeus was angry, we can leave behind that, the story for another time.

Prometheus was very wise, he would always think about what is going to happen in next hundred years.

So Prometheus(A titan, A divine being Related to Zeus ) couldn’t see human in the harsh condition. He decided to help them.

He went to Zeus And told about his wish, but Zeus got angry and said human don’t deserve it. Upon hearing this Prometheus made up his mind to help human at any price.

So he sneaked into Mount Olympus and stole fire and give it to the human.

Eureka. We got fire.

Prometheus paid a price for this action, Zeus Got angry, had Prometheus chained for around one thousand years. Hercules freed him.

So this is the story from greek mythology.


From Hindu Mythology.

The story goes like this when the universe was created, There was no night and day. To make a difference, Agni(Fire) was born from Brahma Forehead. Another version says he is the son of ‘Kashyap and Aditi’(Ancient Sages).

It is often said that Agni connects the physical world to heaven world.

So this is the story of Fire from Hindu Mythology.