You know, sometimes I think whether I am an Indian first or a man with religion, should I discriminate people based on their skin and color. These days I am so filled with news around the world about violence.

I thought it would be a better world without all these things, I know I am being narrowed, Forgive me for this. But if you would care to follow the news, maybe you would understand all this.

When The life was being created on this earth. When we were evolving, I am sure there would be no such thing as like these.

But then I came to understand that with differences life can not be colorful, beautiful. But it also doesn’t mean that we should feel ashamed of our creed or religion. This difference makes life so interesting otherwise it would be boring like a freaking movie.

I am not saying anything on gender because those are personal choices, I have no right.

I am saying all these because the other day I was watching sense8( I am not promoting it). In this tv shows. It clearly shows us how every human being face the identity crisis, no matter who you are?

Your little place In this big world.

So be happy, do what you like and one day you will feel like, let’s say.. hoorah…………