The Lazy Seeker( Just some thoughts)


There I said it, I am lazy, I think it is within my mind, not in my body. But soon I am going to change that. I was working on something and it is already giving me results. This Something is related to Universe and it is already answering me, changing me.

I hope I will be able to continue that, get a better test of life. Blossom it. Another something happened, I bought a little carpet for doing my meditation and I hope now, after 2-3 years, I must continue my practice of meditation, no matter what happen outside, inside it must be done by me. Now I am working for Birla sun life, I also have to sell a policy, to be honest with me and with the universe.

I don’t know how that is going to be possible. So I am asking the help from entire universe to help me to sell this damn policy. I and this universe know the power had given to me for selling this policy. But using that power will be morally wrong, I really don’t know the reason, But the feeling is not good. Sometimes I wish I would not be that much conscious of right or that.

when I even further analyze myself with this question, I also found out that, it’s not about morality, it’s also about that when I use the power(List) brother had given me. I don’t know what I will tell them. From where I got their number and all that. One lie leads to another lie, at all cost I really I want to avoid that.

So it’s a big one question. And the seeking thing is also going well. I am the lazy one. I think that I want to expand my existence but somehow it is not happening, So I am doing it by another way. By reading book watching countless movies. And I don’t know what else I am going to do.